Simple Plan Talks About Projects in 2013 with Pat!

ImageKali ini, Pierre sama Chuck ngejawab pertanyaan dari teman lama mereka siapa lagi kalo bukan Pat! Mereka ngobrolin banyak hal mulai dari EP, video photo shoot dan masih banyak lagi 🙂 Check this interview out!

C : Are we a substitute?
Pat : Not at all.
C: Yes, you’d have prefered Chester!
Pat: Chester was my 1st call but I had the wrong number, he might have changed his number. Anyway, seriously, I wanted to invite the guys of Simple Plan because I followed their carreer with them on the road during years. It’s kinda thanks to them that I worked at Musique Plus. So it makes sense to have them here for my last hour at Musique Plus!

(Pat explains Declic’s rules)
Pat : You can also send your questions for Chuck and Pierre. Pierre is a little late, though.
C : Yes, he’s late! he’s going to arrive like a rockstar …

Pat : Ok, 1st round , 2 music videos. Usually, my guests choose the videos but you didn’t answer my e-mails so I chose for you! I think you’re going to love them, starting with Strung Out “Calling”. I’d like you to tell an anecdote about it. I saw this band before I knew youand if I remember correctly you had a great spot at the show!
C : Yeah, I was such an hardcore fan of Strung Out! We had the chance to open for them with our first band, Roach, not even Reset, it was Roach so it’s a REALLY long time ago! I was on the stage, behind the drummer and I was mimicking his every move, every drum beat … I must have been very annoying for the crowd!

—– Strung out video —

Pat : Hey Pierre! while you were gone, we drew a picture of you!
P : Oh yeah, it’s from a real picture. I posed for this!
Pat : Yeah, so we did that while we were waiting for you !
Now Lagwagon “Hardbreaking music”. I think it’s a band the 3 of us love.
C : Yes, Joey Cape is an excellent singer, excellent songwritter … it’s an excellent band !
P : It was one of my major influence when I was a kid and even now!
Pat : I just want to mention that it’s been 4 years since I’ve worked here and it’s the first time Pierre comes in our studio. I appreciate it. I had to leave to make you come here!
P : Exactly!

—Lagwagon video—–

Pat : Ok we’re back and the next video is Marie Mai “Je repars”. You saw Marie Mai yesterday, right?
P: Yes, she sang “Jet Lag” with us , it was incredible ! the crowd was insane !!
Pat : You had already been to this festival in 2009. Was this show better?
C & P : Yes, it was one of our best shows!
Pat : Pierre, here’s a pic of you and Marie-Mai. It was not taken last night but I thought you looked good!
P : Thank you!
Pat : So, we’re gonna watch Marie-Mai ‘s video for “Je Repars”. It’s a collaboration with David Usher. So, you were not her firsts. I don’t know if you knew that!
P : But hey, she was not our first either, we worked with Nathasha Bedingfield before!

—- Marie Mai video —–

Pat : Now, let’s talk about the Planet Smashers. You toured with them on your first arenas tour as a headline.
C : Yeah, we played hockey with them. They are really nice. It’s a classic band from Montreal!

— The Planet Smashers video —

Pat : So who do you think won : Marie Mai or the Planet Smashers?
P : Marie-Mai because she’s very popular here, in Quebec
Pat : Why do you think she’s so popular?
P & C : Because of her personality
Pat : Yes, she won! After the break, it’s gonna get tougher : SP vs SP !

— Break —

Pat : Guys, the 1st video of this round is also the 1st video you made. You’ve changed a bit, you got older. Are you a little embarrassed to see this video ?
P : Not at all! we were dressed with dickies, old school style
C : Role Model t-shirts
P: My hair is still the same
Pat : No, you had more gel in your hair back then!
P : Also, Chuck is more muscular now!
C : I don’t know what you’re talking about …

—- I’m just a kid —-

Pat : We’re going to see you new video : Summer Paradise. We were talking about changes and I think girls are getting hotter and hotter!
P : Yes, we made a video with really beautiful girls on a boat
C : Exactly and it was really fun!
Pat: Talking about boats, one of the band members was not looking so well : David. He looked … well, he looked asleep!
C : David is always tired. In the morning, afternoon or night. We can see him sleep here
P: Well, David tried Sean Paul’s potion. My advice is to NOT try Sean Paul’s potion !! So David drank this special tea and then he threw up everywhere. Also, in the end of the video you can see us walking on the beach and David is missing! He was in bed!
C : He woke up like 5 hours later! He calls me and says : “Is the video finished?” Yeah David, the video is finished! Congratulations bro!

—Summer Paradise —

Pat : Ok guys, I checked your schedule on your website and you’re back on tour on October 3rd! On Sept 29th, Sean Paul is in Montreal so are your guys going to play with him as you’ll probably be in town too?
P : On Sept 29th I can’t!
Pat : What’s your plan ?
P : I’m gonna be somebody’s best man for the first time!!

–Break —-

Pat : All Time Low – Time Bomb. You worked on that song!
P : Yeah, these guys are so nice! Well, for our album we wrote at least 65 songs and Time Bomb was one of them. It didn’t make it to our album so they took it, worked on it and now it’s theirs!
Pat : By the way, with all the songs you wrote, do you plan on doing something?
P : Yeah, in 2013 we’ll realease songs, to make fans wait before our 5th album!
C : Yes, like an EP!
Pat : Oh and also the photo book before the end of the year!!
P : Yes it’s taking a long time!
C : We know the photographer very well!
P : They are Patrick Langlois’ pictures of course!
C : That’s why he wants to see it !

— Time Bomb video —

Pat : Question from a fan : which band did you enjoy the most playing with ?
P : For me, it was … and you were also there .. it was Green Day and Blink 182 at Pop Disaster Tour. We were playing in parking lots
Pat : And when your set was over, we could go see GD and Blink’s shows!
P: We were in the cowd, it was fun!
Pat : Another question : are you writing songs at the moment?
P : No, we –
Pat : Thanks for the answer : No… It’s not like I don’t want to listen to you but we are going to watch Faber Drive’s video!

— Faber Drive —

Pat : We continue with Simple Plan : Perfect World! As far as I am concerned, it’s your most beautiful video!
P : Oh yeah, because you filmed it !
Pat : I did it all !! But it was not a real single!
P : Yeah, it was just because the fans wanted another video !!

— Perfect World —

Pat : Another question from a fan : What’s the craziest thing a fan has done ?
P : There’s the Rock’n’roll cliché when girls take off their shirts! and there’s also fans who have big tattoos
C : Yes there was a girl who had Pierre’s face tattoed on her back
P : I saw her again. She removed it. But at the end of the show, she came up to me and said “I removed my tattoo but I’m still crazy about you and I love what you do!”
Pat : Another fan wants to know : what’s your guilty pleasure on you iPod ?
P & C : One direction
P : I love their 2 singles
Pat : Can you sing a little bit?
P : *singing*

— Break —

Pat thanks Musique Plus and Chuck and Pierre

(Hey, perlu versi Indonesianya? If yes, kita akan terjemahin buat kalian)


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