Jeff Stinco: “Proyek Baru Simple Plan”


Kalian udah pada tahu kan, kalau SP guys saat ini lagi ngerjain album kelima mereka, dan sementara ini kita tidak mendapatkan banyak berita tentang kemajuan album baru mereka, akhirnya kita mendapatkan petunjuk tentang proses pembuatan album mereka sesekali dari beberapa SP Guys nih.

Dalam dua hari terakhir ini, Jeff Stinco gitaris dari Simple Plan ini ngetwit, dimana sedikit dia kulik bagaimana proses pembuatan album baru mereka berjalan, bahwa band ini sudah membahas proyek-proyek yang akan datang. Namun masih belum diketahui ini “proyek” apa yang mereka bahas, apakah itu mngeacu di album bau, tur berikutnya, apakah proyek lainnya (mungkin sih DVD?).

Mari lihat dua twit dari Jeff Stinco di bawah ini, penasaran kan apa seberapa keren proyek mereka nanti, yang sabar yah para Astronaut Indonesia :


Memperingati 12 Tahun Rilis Album “NO PADS, NO HELMETS… JUST BALLS”

Selamat malam Astronaut, sudah lama admin gak berjumpa sama kalian di blog ini, kemaren tanggal 19 Maret ada yang spesial loh, yep tepat sekali, 12 tahun yang lalu ketika Simple Plan merilis album mereka yang pertama yaitu No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls sejak 19 Maret 2002.

Album ini telah menelurkan single seperti “I’d do Anything”, “I’m Just a Kid” “Addicted” dan “Perfect” yang telah membantu mereka bertahan di inustri musik, dan akhirnya mendapatkan Double Platinum di Amerika Serikat, Kanada, dan Jepang, Platinum di Australia dan Emas di Inggris.

Nah mari kita tonton video dibawah ini :

Lagu Get Your Heart On – The Second Coming! Beserta Artinya.

Heyho selamat malam Astronauts yang kagak malem mingguan, admin saranin buat dengerin lagu-lagu dari EP terbaru Simple Plan yang bertajuk Get Your Heart On – The Second Coming!, berisi 7 lagu yang bikin kalian jingkrak-jingkrang, pokoknya moodbooster banget deh. Kagak percaya? ya udah admin saranin jangan sekali-sekali buka link-link youtube dibawah ini deh :

1. Simple Plan – Ordinary Life [Official Audio]

#OrdinaryLife itu kaya lagu Anywhere Else But Here, tapi ngasih semangat ke diri sendiri. Kalo ga sekarang, kapan lagi?

2. Simple Plan – The Rest of Us [Official Audio]

#TheRestOfUs semacam support buat para nerd, freak atau orang orang yang tersisihkan dalam pergaulan.

3. Simple Plan – Outta My System [Official Audio]

#OuttaMySystem baru putus dari hubungan yg lbh banyak penderitaan daripada kebahagiaan.

4. Simple Plan – Fire In My Heart [Official Audio]

#FireInMyHeart ini agak hiperbola si, tentang cowok yang mengekspresikan perasaan dia waktu jatuh cinta :))

5. Simple Plan – In [Official Audio]

#In lebih ke couple yang baru jadian, janji saling setia gitu..

6. Simple Plan – Lucky One [Official Audio]

#LuckyOne tentang hidup dan hampir mirip sama Welcome To My Life, tapi ini lebih ke nyemangatin diri sendiri :’)

7. Simple Plan – Try [Official Audio]

#Try tentang cowok yang pernah salah tapi sekarang lagi nyoba jadi yang terbaik buat si cewek.

Enjoy the #GYHO2 , Astronauts! Jangan lupa kalo udah rilis, beli EPnya juga ya :p Yang asli tapi :))

Preview Eksklusif Lagu Terbaru Simple Plan Berjudul “Ordinary Life”


Selamat pagi Astronauts Indonesia, ada yang kangen sama admin yang super duper gembul mirip Pierre ini kagak? Udah lama hiatus kagak update blog nih. Maaf yah, lagi sibuk bantuin SP Guys buat album baru nih. 🙂 Hari ini admin bawa berita baru nih, yaitu SPID mau share preview esklusif vroh, iya serius preview esklusif dari EP yang bakal dirilis diwaktu dekat ini yaitu Simple Plan – “Get Your Heart On” – The Second Coming. Lagu ini berjudul “Ordinary Life” dan admin yakin kalian pasti suka, reviewnya ajah udah enak apalagi lagu penuhnya. Makin gak sabar kan buat nunggu EP bakal meluncur ke Indonesia.
Tanpa basa-basi lagi nih, check this out guys “Ordinary Life” :

One, two, three, four, five
Another week goes by
I’m half alive
I’m getting sick
I’m faking this
I’m over it
Don’t wanna wear that suit and tie
Gotta live before I die
So I’m done done done
With this ordinary life
What happened to the someday
What happened to the dreams of the wide-eyed kid
Don’t tell me that it’s too late

Setelah dengerin, jangan lupa komen yah gimana pendapat kalian tentang lagu-lagu Simple Plan yang baru ini, jadi kami bisa memberitahu SP Guys di Twitter!

Wawancara Pierre Bouvier tentang Simple Plan: “We are here to stay!”

PierreJumpRachel dari baru-baru memiliki kesempatan untuk mewawancarai Pierre Bouvier dari Simple Plan tentang suksesnya karier band dan proyek-proyek baru mendatang mereka.

Check it out di bawah ini guys wawancara mereka, Puoahahah!:

Q: Simple Plan is a household name – everyone has heard of the band and its music. How do you feel about the widespread global popularity you guys have achieved?

Pierre: The fact that we are a successful band that has been able to stay relevant is our biggest achievement. We are so proud to be one of the few bands that are here to stay. When you have hit and have a successful album, it’s so difficult to try to follow up. It’s an amazing feeling to know that we have fans around the world that want to keep supporting us and that love us for more than just one song.

Q: It has been more than a decade since Simple Plan was formed. How have you & the rest of the band members changed both as a band and as individuals?

Pierre: I think we have all evolved and matured just like anyone out there does. When the band started, we were all in our very early 20s and were ready to conquer the world. We goofed around a bit more and were probably a little more immature. Today, we’re still those same guys, just a little older. So maybe we don’t party as hard and we think a little more before doing something stupid, but that’s just normal. It’s not to say that we don’t like to have fun and get crazy – we just don’t do it as often. I think we’re also conscious of what we have achieved and we don’t take it for granted. Back in our early days, our behaviours sometimes were detrimental to our performances, like drinking too much and not being on top of your game the next day. Now we focus on being the best we can be because we feel that we owe it to our fans that’ve been there for us for so long. I guess that’s a sign of maturity. Musically, we’ve always been perfectionists and have always taken that very seriously. We love making music and writing and producing albums that we are proud of. With the years, I think we’ve gotten better at doing that. Which is why I think our last album is our best. We always push ourselves to outdo the last one.

Q: You’ve been to Singapore quite a few times, most recently during the Get Your Heart On Tour in 2012. What is your favourite memory of Singapore?

Pierre: Singapore is such a beautiful place. I enjoy just walking around and taking it all in. Last time we were there, we ended up at the bar on top of that huge building that looks like a boat. It was pretty awesome.

Q: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Pierre: Somewhere we’ve never been. There are many.

Q: You worked with MTV EXIT to create a music video for “This Song Saved My Life” to raise awareness about human trafficking. How was it like working with MTV EXIT? Tell us more about your anti-human trafficking cause.

Pierre: It was an eye opener to say the least. We learned so much about human trafficking, something that we are hardly ever exposed to in North America. It’s so sad to think that people are still treated like slaves today. I was happy to learn about it and to help MTV EXIT in their fight.

Q: What is a typical day for you like when you’re on tour?

Pierre: Wake up, find a shower, find food, do some interviews, sound check, sound check fan club party, find food, chill out before the show, warm up for an hour, play the show, wind down after show, find a bed, sleep, repeat.

Q: Speaking of tours, you guys travel all over the world when you’re on tour. What do you usually do on long flights?

Pierre: Watch movies or TV shows on my computer or sleep. Sometimes I’ll read a book if I have a good one.

Q: What’s your opinion on auto tune?

Pierre: Auto tune is so much more than what people think it is. It’s more than just the effect you hear. I think there’s good and bad about it. I think it’s definitely over used but sometimes it can sound cool!

Q: Simple Plan is one of the rare bands that has had no line-up changes since its inception and you still make great music together even after 14 years together as a band, which is not the case for most other bands. What is your secret to this amazing feat?

Pierre: I have no idea. I guess we’re all level-headed guys. We love what we do and we don’t want to stop. It’s not like we don’t ever fight, I think we’re just good at communicating when a problem arises. Plus we get along great. We’re good friends. Sometimes the easy way out seems to be to replace somebody, but people forget that the next guy (or girl) will come with a whole new set of problems. Might as well work out the issue instead. Much easier.

Q: What is your favourite song you’ve ever recorded?

Pierre: That changes all the time. I’m proud of all of them. Some standout tracks would probably be: “Perfect”, “Welcome To My Life”, “Crazy”, “Your Love is A Lie”, “This Song Saved My Life”, “Summer Paradise” and “Astronaut”.

Q: What usually runs through your mind on the day of a gig?

Pierre: Same as any other day. Playing shows has become second nature, there’s no over thinking it. It’s just pure fun.

Q: Any big plans for 2013?

Pierre: Yes. Writing our next album, playing a few more shows and hopefully release some new unreleased songs and a DVD we’re working on. Stay tuned!

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