Fakta Fakta Tentang Pierre

Selamat malam nih Astronaut, beberapa minggu yang lalu mimin di twitter sempat ngetwit beberapa fakta tentang vokalis Simple Plan si Pierre Bouvier, kali ini mimin akan rekap di blog. Ini dia beberapa fakta tentang Pierre, Enjoy! #SPfacts

Lady Gaga / Nicki Minaj? “Nicki Minaj, I love her flow and her style, She sounds like no one else out here” – Pierre #SPfacts

Charlie Sheen / Ashton Kutcher? “Charlie Sheen, He’s so funny, I love the fact the he’s unapologetic about his behavior” – Pierre #SPfacts

Batman / Spiderman? “Batman, because he has the coolest toys! He doesn’t even need superpowers. He’s all man! – Pierre #SPfacts

Facbook / Twitter? “Twitter, It allows me to really communicate with our fans instantaneously” – Pierre #SPfacts

Cats / Dogs? “I love dogs, and am allergic to cats, so that pretty much answers that question” – Pierre #SPfacts

PC / Mac? “Mac! I love the simple and user friendly interface and how it all works together so well” – Pierre #SPfacts

Pop / Punk? “Pop-Punk! How can u not love ’em both together? I like pop music on its own but u gotta infuse some edge!” – Pierre #SPfacts

Xbox / Playstation? “Tough call! I like ’em both and i have both. I can’t pick my favourite, It’s just too difficult” – Pierre #SPfacts

Angelina Jolie / Jennifer Aniston? “Jennifer Aniston all the way, dude! She seems so laid back and fun. She’s gorgeus” – Pierre #SPfacts

HarPot / Twilight? “HP! I think there is a little to much male nudity in twilight for me. Also i want flying broomstick” – Pierre #SPfacts

Umm.. Udah segitu aja dulu ya ._.v Gimana? Kalo kalian disuruh milih kaya gitu, apa pilihan kalian bakal samaan kaya Pierre?


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The official Indonesian Fanbase of Simple Plan, followed by the drummer, @chuckcomeau - Here you'll find the latest news & anything related to SP :)

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