Rekap Wawancara Seb dan Chuck Menghadiri Acara Ca Commence Bien

Senin ini, tepatnya tanggal 19 November Chuck dan Sebastien Simple Plan menghadiri taping dari acara pagi yang disebut “Ca Commence Bien” di tele V dimana mereka bertemu teman lama Patrick langlois (ex-webmaster of guy/photographer/videographer) yang telah bekerja sejak September ini.

Chuck dan Seb berada disana untuk mendiskusikan buku baru mereka “Simple Plan: The Official Story” dan juga berbicara lebih lanjut tentang perjalanan mereka selama ini.

Sekarang Astronaut bisa nonton video wawancara mereka, dan juga bisa baca beberapa rekap apa yang mereka bicarakan :

Patrick shows the first “draft” of the SP book, with the sign 1999-2006 which was prepared in 2006 as the first concept of the “photo-book”. Seb adds that they were waiting for a cool occasion to actually start working on such project, and the 10 years was the perfect occasion. Chuck adds that writing a book is harder than writing an album, because a book needs a structure, details, cool layouts and archives.

Patrick himself brought his own pile of archives to the show such as his first camera, a room key that he forgot to return and Chuck jokes that he has 25x the amount of archives than Pat.

After being asked which picture is their favourite, Seb shows the image used for the back side of the book which captures the band on stage in Quebec with their biggest crowd ever.

The guys discuss the times when they played a show at the Playboy Mansion for mostly naked women and how later they got kicked out – which was partially Pat’s fault.

After that they talk about how Pat helped them to get signed and also show a couple pictues that aren’t featured in the book. The first picture is of Pat and Chuck on the roof of a tour bus in London. At that time Chuck was pissed because he was genuinely interested in what the tour guy was saying while the rest of the gang was partying on the bus, drinking beer and being louder than the tour guide.

The second picture whows Seb with the rapper Snoop Dogg. And despite the photo makes it look like the two are hanging out together at a party, the truth was that they were in Cancun, playing for a reality TV show and many people were taking pictures with him. Then Seb showed up with Pat, and the whole thing went very quickly: Seb pointed where to look and Pat took the picture.

Third picture was taken in Australia when Chuck kept having an oversized baggage so he had to carry the overweight stuff in a “hobo bag”. And this picture was taken right after Chuck had an argument with the lady at the desk.


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