A Nine Sons of Dan Talks About Simple Plan

Nine Sons of Dans merupakan band asal Australia yang berkesempatan menjadi band pembuka untuk Simple Plan saat mereka tur di beberapa kota di Australia. Nah ini ada interview mereka sama sebuah situs bernama Simple Plan space beberapa waktu lalu. Check this out:

Were you SP fans before you toured with them?

Hahaha of course we were. I think everyone our age was listening to Simple Plan when they were growing up!

How did you manage to get on tour with SP for 2 shows of their Australian tour?
Again, the opportunity came up and out amazing and most likely Super-human manager jumped on it, and we were lucky enough to get the spots!

What was it like working with SP?
So great, the shows were unbelievable, and the crowds were so nice. The guys from Simple Plan were of such professionals, but down to earth as well. It was such a privilege to perform with them.

Is there any way SP influences NSOD?
Seeing their live show was a totally different experience from just hearing them. They are very talented performers, and the live show was non-stop, full of humour, and basically a flawless performance. Seeing that made us realize what was possible so we are always striving to become that polished live.

Do you have any funny stories you can share with us about SP and the tour?

Hmmmm… Yes! There are a few too many to list right now, but we were invited to an afterparty with guys after our last show with them, and when we got there, everybody was really tame and quiet. In about 20 minutes, people were dancing on tables, and Chuck was this like break dancer move on an office chair and there was an old dial up telephone in his hand for some reason. Good times!


About simpleplanid

The official Indonesian Fanbase of Simple Plan, followed by the drummer, @chuckcomeau - Here you'll find the latest news & anything related to SP :)

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