Learn more of Montreal with Pierre Bouvier! (with translation)

With the translation:
Hi, my name is Pierre Bouvier from the band Simple Plan and for me, Montréal is a very special city for different reasons. One of the reasons is the “Vieux Montréal” and the “Vieux Port” (old Montréal and old harbor). Some places are very unique compared to the rest of North America. I’ve travelled all around the world and when I get back here, I realize how special it can be. The vibes we find in the streets, the fact that they’re old paved streets, nice little shops, some nice art galleries,… It’s really a special and magic place with a certain vibe you don’t find anywhere else. In the “Vieux Port”, you can find the science museum, IMAX and shows. There’s also the “Place Jacques-Cartier” where people put up small shows for the pedestrians. It’s very exciting! It’s the perfect place to go for a walk or have some ice cream. Especially in the summer when the weather is really nice with lovely temperatures. There’s water, there are boats, everything! It’s really a great place to be!

What sets Montréal apart from other cities is, I think, because of the food, the restaurants. It’s one great thing about Montréal. There are so many nice restaurants to have lunch, dinner or just coffee. For those who are looking for something typically from Montréal, there are 3 things: the smoked meat, “la poutine” and the bagels. To have smoked meat, I prefer going to “Lesters Deli”. It’s so good! A real classic. Another thing you can’t really find anywhere else, are the bagels. Some places make really nice bagels but for me, “St Viateur Bagels” makes the best Montréal bagels. They’re always busy making some, it’s incredible! These bagels are really worth it! Considering the poutine, it’s not very complicated because it’s made everywhere. It’s very good, especially after a night out with friends. “Une bonne poutine, oh yeah!”

What’s also fun about Montréal is the fact that there are so many different neighborhoods which all have their own seal. There’s the Mile-End, the Plateau Mont-Royal, the Vieux Montréal, the Marché Atwater,… There are so many things to see, it’s accessible for everyone: there’s the subway, even bicycles called Bixi for what you pay a couple of dollars for 24 hours of travelling around all the different places.

So, as you all have seen, there are so many incredible things to visit here in Montréal. There’s food, good vibes, nice people, architecture, landscapes,… Come see it yourself. Montréal is incredible!


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