Dokumenter Born To Be Simple Plan

MuchMusic akan menayangkan sebuah acara dokumenter berjudul Born To Be yang Jumat ini (waktu setempat) menampilkan Simple Plan – dari awal karier mereka hingga sampai sekarang. Produser acara tersebut, Leslie, mengungkapkan dalam site nya tentang acara dokumenter Simple Plan ini. 

Five guys in one band who have sold millions of albums worldwide and who have millions of fans to match – sounds fake, right? It’s not. This band really does exist and the coolest part of all – they’re Canadian. Pierre, Chuck, Sebastien, Jeff and David are still together, still making music and most important, still friends. I would like pass along a huge, warm thank you to Simple Plan for allowing MUCH into their cooler than cool Montreal rehearsal space to sit down and take the time to share their story with their fans. Our interview felt like we were talking to old friends. It goes to show you that money and fame is nice, but Simple Plan found their secret to success and it’s true friendship!
Thanks for watching,
Producer – Born To Be

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The official Indonesian Fanbase of Simple Plan, followed by the drummer, @chuckcomeau - Here you'll find the latest news & anything related to SP :)

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